Vray Physical Camera Script – Missing Problem Solved [ 3D LECTURE ]

vray physical camera script – Download


vray 3.6 physical camera script - Download

How to Solve This vray 3.6 physical camera missing problem…??


Follow below method to solve Vray Physical Camera Missing problem:


Step-1 Open Maxscript Listener : 

Just Go to the 3dsmax Top-bar >> Click on MaxScript Option >> Under MaxScript Option – Open Maxscript Listener.


vray 3.6 physical camera script - Download


Maxscript Listener Window will Get Opened!

Step-2 Copy & Paste This Vray Camera script code :


Under Maxscript Listener window, just paste this following script code
” vrayCreatevrayphysicalCamera() ” then just press Enter.


vray 3.6 physical camera script - Download


Step-3 vray physical camera will Get Created :


After pressing Enter Button..Your Vray Physical camera will be created at the Origin point in the 3dsmax viewport.


vray 3.6 physical camera script - Download



Now, Vray Physical Camera Missing Problem Had been Solved Successfully!


Also You Can Watch below Video Tutorial for
Vray 3.6 physical camera script – Download 


If in-case You want to change Vray physical camera Settings in Quicker way then Follow Below Steps :



Use VRay Camera lister manager can be used to handle and change multiple camera’s  parameter & settings in quick and easy way through one place at just single tap.



Change the settings of multiple cameras without selecting in scene
Right click menu:
Select camera
Send camera to the current or camera VP
Copy and paste settings between cameras
Convert perspective viewport to a Vray camera
Convert non VRay camera to a VRay camera
Delete camera
Download The Script for 
V-Ray Camera Lister -Manager from Below


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