Best Minimum 3ds max system Configurations & requirements – 2023

AutoDesk 3Ds max system requirements 2023

Many of Time Our 3Ds max Software Failed to install & Sometime’s Doesn’t work properly on our PC / Laptop System .

This is Due to , Our system do not fulfill the minimum system requirement for Autodesk 3ds max software.

So, Today in this post , we had shared the Autodesk 3D Studio max software minimum system requirement for Basic Usage.
3ds max system requirement 2021 3dlecture


we had listed the minimum system requirement for Basic 3D Modeling , Texturing , assigning Camera & Lite Rendering.

If, incase you want to Render High quality Vray final output Render image or 3D Walkthrough Video , Then You will need more Ram & memory.

while , 
working on high complex scene or 3D projects and walkthrough You may even face viewport freezing problem this may cause due to low Graphics Card Memory ( Min Video Card )


You will need More and high quality Graphics Card, For smooth viewport Display or Better working experience while rotating, zooming, or panning around the 3D scene you are working On. 

3ds max Minimum system requirements 2021 Details for Basic & Intermediate Project Usage 

– Operating system : 64 bit Microsoft windows 10
– CPU Minimum i5 64 Bit Intel AMD multi-core Processor
– Graphics Card Minimum 4GB
– RAM Minimum 4 GB
– Free Disk Space : 10 GB of free Disk Space for Autodesk 3Ds max 2021 Software Installation.
Last but ,not list if incase Your 3Ds max Software take more time to starts and load then it will be, because of Your Hard Disk.
Instead, of purchasing new Normal hard-disk ,we recommend you to get New SSD for Your PC system for fast booting and instant software loading.
Hope this post had helped you for minimum system requirement for 3Ds max software , Please feel free to comment below, if you have any doubt in system requirements.

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