Wall Grooves in 3Dsmax


In this Blog post we will learn Wall grooves in 3ds max

Wall grooves can be used in 3D exterior walls for exterior elevation as well as you can use it in your 3D interior Designing.

We will be using edit-poly to model this Wall Grooves in very easy way..so read this post and also we will provide the step by step video tutorial you can just watch and follow this video for creating grooves in walls

Steps to Create Grooves in 3dsmax :

  1. Create Rectangle in 3Dsmax.
  2. Apply Extrude Modifier with wall thickness of 9″ for creating wall.
  3. Right Click and Convert it to edit-poly modifier.
  4. Select all the edges and Click on Connect tab under edit edges section ,increase the segment as per your requirement.
  5. Apply chamfer to create alternate gaps.
  6. Select all the alternate polygons by using cltr and shift.
  7. After Selecting all the alternate polygon under edit polygons section click on extrude tab.
  8. Select the Local normal option from the selection tab and then extrude as per your grooves depth requirement.
  9. Click On Check Option.

Now, You had Created a Grooves for wall in 3dsmax.. you can further customize as per Your scene Requirement.



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