Photometric IES Lights in 3ds max


Photometric IES Lights in 3ds max

Photometric Ies Lights in 3ds max hindi


Lights in 3ds max is an object type which can be used for illuminating realistic lights effect as same as artificial interior and exterior natural lights.
Photometric Lights in 3ds max


Lights in 3ds max
Photometric Lights have mainly 3 Sub-option:
-Target lights
-Free lights
-mr Sky Portal
This following lights are added in 3ds max scene to get more realistic scene effect in 3ds max software.
when there is no lightings in 3ds max scene default scene lights get activated..but it is not realistic in rendering.
if you want to enhance the realistic appearance of 3dsmax scene then you need to add and create lights object in 3ds max.
Photometric lights are real world accurate lightings which is realistic in effect…in these lights you can control and sets the intensity and distribution value and more..!
Steps To Apply & Create Photometric Ies Lights Presets :
1.Go to modify panel.
2.Under Lights Option Select light type as photometric. 
3.To apply ies lights you can create photometric free lights in viewport scene. & Move the light according to required direction. photometric web option under light distribution ( tab )
6.Then you can choose photometric file which you want to apply.
7.Adjust the Lights properly using parameters.
Below are the Photometric Light presets for 3ds Max free Download
Note : Basic video tutorial on ies lights are below you can watch and learn from it…we had explained in very simple and easy manner in details.
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