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How to create 3D walkthrough in 3Dsmax


In these tutorial we will learn how to create a simple walkthrough in 3ds max by step-by step procedure

So ,first you need to create a simple 3D model or you can import it in 3dsmax from other free 3D model sites.
We will explain in very simple steps

Follow below steps :

1. First you need to open or import any of 3D model in 3ds max in which you want to create walkthrough.
2.Go to line option and create a line from top view.
3.Then select the vertex and adjust it properly according to our requirements.
4.Open camera tab and select a free camera from it.
5.Assign the camera to the path
6.Then you can also adjust the camera animation by checking follow option under camera.
7.Finally you can render the animation and save it in required format.
Please watch the below video tutorial completely for creating 3D walkthrough in 3ds max..we had explained in very easy way.
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