How to add exterior background in 3ds Max?


Adding Exterior Environment Background image 3Ds max  


After 3D Modeling , Texturing and Lightings the main part in exterior render is adding exterior background image map so that the final rendering will be more realistic.

For the new 3ds max beginners students ,those who don’t know how to apply background environment image map.

Then this blog guide will explain You how to apply exterior background image map in 3ds max default rendering using environment map option.

How-add-exterior-background-in-3ds Max


Follow below steps to add exterior background in 3Ds max


1.Open the 3d exterior scene model on which you want to apply background image or map from 3ds max application menu available on Top Left corner.

2.Now, after opening the 3D file just press 8 shortcut key for environment and effect window tab.

3.Environment and effect map can also be open using menu bar under Rendering >> Environment.

How-add-exterior-background-in-3ds Max



4.After pressing 8 the environment map window will get opened.

5.Now go to “None” Option under Environment Map.

6.Material/map window will get opened ,under standard select “bitmap” option.

7.Just click on bitmap option and select the image which You want to apply on background.

8.Press F9 Shortcut key for Final rendering.


Conclusion : Now You had Successfully applied the background image in 3ds max exterior scene!

If incase You have any doubt or queries , please feel free to comment below..we will be happy to help you.
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