Fix 3ds max XYZ arrows axis missing problem & Gizmo Not showing on my object -3DLecture


3Ds max XYZ Gizmo missing


Some times, while working on our 3ds max projects the X,Y,and Z Gizmo arrow axis ,Gets Missing and suddenly disappeared. 

So, Today in this post .we will help You to find out the solution for missing x,y,z gizmo problem for 3ds Max Software.


Fix 3ds max XYZ arrows axis missing problem



Follow below steps to solve 3Ds max X,Y,Z Gizmo axis missing problem:

1st method :

1. First step is to cross check the problem by selecting the object and pressing ” X ” shortcut key. if the x,y and z gizmo axis is not visible then ,we will set up some simple settings.

2. Go to Customize Option in the Top menu bar and select the preferences Option from the drop-down list.


Fix 3ds max XYZ arrows axis missing problem


3. Under Preference settings>> Click on the Gizmo Tab.

3Ds max Gizmo Not showing on my object -3DLecture


4. Now,in Transform Gizmos make sure to Check the “On” option.

5. Also,increase the Size Value to “40” or max and press ” Ok “.


Now , Your XYZ Gizmo axis will be visible and you can transform or move the object in required direction.


2nd method : This Method was tried by our student and Got them solution for this x,y,z missing problem.

If ,incase Your Problem doesn’t solve instead of following above steps then just Go to ” Views ” Option under Top menu bar and make sure to Check or Tick the ” Show Transform Gizmo ” Option from the Dropdown list


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