Exterior wall grooves in 3dsmax using edit poly //3DCreatives

In this 3Dsmax tutorial we will learn how to make grooves in any exterior or interior wall using edit poly modifier.
Exterior wall grooves in 3dsmax using edit poly


Follow below steps to Create Exterior wall Grooves in 3Ds Max :
1. just create any simple box objects
2.Now, convert the box in to editable poly by simply right clicking or just go to modifier list and select edit poly modifier.
3.After that ,Provide the required Height Segment according to your Grooves Need.
4.Select the height segment using edge option under edit-poly modifier and then Apply Chamfer Option, adjust the chamfer width value according to your grooves parameters.
5.Select the Opposite Polygon and then Apply extrude modifier, adjust the extrude amount by dragging the mouse in upward direction.
6.Now, we had successfully created grooves on exterior wall!
By following the Same method You can create Grooves on any types of 3D objects.
Hope this Blog post Had helped You to create Grooves in 3Dsmax Software.
If incase of any queries , please feel free to ask in comment.

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