Easy Cornice molding design for exterior wall 3ds max


In this Blog post we will learn Cornice molding design for exterior wall 3ds max

Cornice molding design can be applied in 3D exterior walls for exterior elevation as well as you can use it in your 3D interior Designing for false ceiling design.

We will be using edit-spline and bevel profile modifier to model this Cornice molding design in very easy way..so read this post and also we will provide the step by step video tutorial you can just watch and follow this video for creating grooves in walls

Steps to Create Grooves in 3dsmax :

    1. Create simple wall in 3Dsmax using line as shown in below video.
    2. Apply outline for wall thickness of 9″ for creating wall.
    3. Apply extrude modifier.
    4. Create line path on the wall using 2d snap or also you can copy the line wall before extruding it.
    5. Create profile using line and select the line and apply bevel profile.
    6. Click on pick profile your cornice will get created.

Now, You had Succesfully Created Cornice molding design in 3dsmax.. you can further customize as per Your scene Requirement.



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