Can I do 3d max course after graduation B.COM?


3Ds max Course After Graduating from [ ] Branch

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Yes , you can ! There is Not any Big issue, to do 3ds max course after graduating from Branch.

Because many of Non-Technical students have many doubts & queries, that they may Need or Required some technical knowledge for Learning 3ds max software.


It is Good, to Have some Technical knowledge.But it is Not Necessary.

Non Technical students can also learn 3ds max perfectly! It will also depend Upon, why you want to learn 3ds max for ?


Since, 3Ds max software can be used for multiple purposes :

Architecture design

Various 3D Designing purpose.

Character modeling.


Or Event design purpose.

If, in case You want to Learn 3ds Max for Architecture interior or exterior Designing, then it will be plus point to have some Practical or technical knowledge in construction and building design field.

For other character modeling or animation purpose ,no technical knowledge is Required.


Conclusion :

We had trained many Technical as well as Non technical student in 3Ds max Software.

Now,they both types of students are doing very well in 3ds max.

But, it will required some hard work and practice! 

It will also depends Upon the institute ,which you will join must have good technical staff, So that they can train you 3ds max software and also help you to get some practical and technical knowledge related to building construction & design.

Hope Your Doubt has been solved, If incase you have any queries then feel free to comment below or email us on [email protected]

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