3Ds max Maxscript auto load script error – 100% Solution

Solution for 3Ds max Maxscript Auto load Script Error

In this Blog post we had explained how to solve 3ds max maxscript auto load script error and also, if incase your 3ds max closes repeatedly while Right Clicking , then You can follow below steps.
3ds max maxscript auto load script error -Solution


To Solve this error we need to reset the 3dsmax user preference to their default state and after that You can reboot your system and restart the 3ds max software , it will work fine!
So, to reset the user preference manually,we need to close the 3dsmax.
3ds max maxscript auto load script error -Solution


Follow below steps to Reset user preference manually :
1. Open C Drive and go to organise tab >> Under folder and search option,click on view tab and make sure to check show hidden files and folders drives and press OK.
2. Navigate to following path : C:Users<Your PC username>AppDataLocalAutodesk3ds Max20XX version – 64bitENU.
3. Now Copy this ENU Folder and paste it.
4. Delete the old ENU Folder and Rename this Copied New ENU Folder with this Name (ENU_Old )
5. Now, Open 3Ds max Software and Check the problem will be Successfully Solved!

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