3Ds Max Easy Headboard design using edit-poly


In this video tutorials we will learn 3Ds Max Easy Headboard design using edit-poly

You can use this headboard model in Your interior Projects such as for Sofa Backrest , Chair and Bed Back Rest Head panel Board.

We will be using edit-poly to model this headboard design in very easy way..so read this post and also we will provide the step by step video tutorial you can just watch and follow this video for craeting this headboard design.

Steps to Create Headboard Design :

– Create a Plane in 3Dsmax and increase the horizontal and vertical segment.

– Right Click On the Plane and Convert it to Edit-Poly.

– Select Horizontal and vertical ( Edge Selection ) by using Loop Option.

– Select All the Polygon using Ctrl Option and Drag the Polygon in Upward Direction.

– Apply MeshSmooth Modifier from the Dropdown list

– Go to Subdivision Option and Increase the iterations Value to “3 ”



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